Unlock Nextgen Financial Freedom with Purple

A prepaid Visa with automated payments, passive savings, and on-the-go investments. 

Simplify your Financial Life

Recurring Payments

Never miss a payment again with Purple's automated payment feature. Simply schedule your payments and let Purple handle the rest.

Passive Savings

Earn money while you spend. Purple automatically rounds up every transaction you make and invests the difference.

Rewards Program

Get rewarded for your daily purchases with the Purple app's rewards program. Accumulate points for a range of rewards including cash back, discounts, and special offers.


M-Pesa statement Analyzer

Zero-Fee Payments to Till and Paybill

Link any Bank Card

Automatic Passive Microsavings

On-the-go Investments including dollar account & global mutual funds

Easily setup debit orders for rent payments and utility payments

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